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Top 10 Holiday-Themed Games to Bring Joy to Your Celebrations


The holiday season is a time for joy, laughter, and creating lasting memories with loved ones. And what better way to add some extra cheer to your celebrations than by playing holiday-themed games? Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or looking for activities to enjoy with friends, these top 10 games are sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. So gather around, grab some hot cocoa, and let the festivities begin!

1. Christmas Charades

Get ready to put your acting skills to the test with Christmas Charades. This classic game is perfect for all ages and guarantees plenty of laughter. From mimicking Santa’s “Ho Ho Ho” to reenacting the Nutcracker ballet, this game will have everyone guessing and giggling.

Example: “Act out your favorite Christmas movie scene without speaking.”

2. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Turn your home into a winter wonderland with a holiday scavenger hunt. Create a list of festive items for participants to find, such as a candy cane, mistletoe, or a snow globe. This game is not only fun but also encourages teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Example: “Find a hidden ornament in the backyard using the provided clues.”

3. Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Unleash your creativity and indulge your sweet tooth with a gingerbread house decorating contest. Divide into teams or compete individually to see who can design the most elaborate and delicious masterpiece. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures to capture the holiday magic!

Example: “Use gumdrops, icing, and candy canes to create a sugary winter wonderland on your gingerbread house.”

4. Holiday Movie Trivia

Test your knowledge of beloved holiday films with a fun round of holiday movie trivia. Create a list of questions about classic movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” or modern favorites like “Elf.” The person or team with the most correct answers wins the title of “Holiday Movie Expert!”

Example: “Which holiday film features a boy who is accidentally left behind by his family during Christmas vacation?”

5. Snowball Toss

Bring the winter fun indoors with a snowball toss game. Use soft, lightweight balls or crumpled-up paper to throw at targets. Set up buckets or hula hoops as targets and see who can score the most points. This game is perfect for burning off some energy while enjoying the holiday spirit.

Example: “Try to toss your snowballs into the designated point zones to earn different scores.”

6. Holiday Pictionary

Put your drawing skills to the test with holiday-themed Pictionary. Divide into teams and take turns drawing holiday-related words or phrases while teammates guess what you’re illustrating. This game is a fantastic way to get everyone involved and showcase their artistic talents.

Example: “Draw a picture that represents the phrase ‘Jingle Bells’ without using any words.”

7. Christmas Bingo

Add a festive twist to the classic game of Bingo with Christmas-themed cards. Replace the traditional numbers with holiday symbols like Santa Claus, reindeer, and ornaments. The first person to complete a row or fill their entire card shouts “Bingo!” and wins a special holiday prize.

Example: “Mark off the square with a snowman when the caller announces ‘Frosty the Snowman’.”

8. Holiday Trivia Quiz

Challenge your friends and family with a holiday trivia quiz. Create a list of questions about holiday traditions, history, and fun facts. From the origin of candy canes to the history of Hanukkah, this game will test your knowledge and spark interesting conversations.

Example: “Which country is credited with starting the tradition of putting up Christmas trees?”

9. Christmas Karaoke

Get ready to sing your heart out with a festive karaoke session. Create a playlist of holiday classics and take turns belting out your favorite tunes. Whether you’re a seasoned singer or a shower crooner, this game is guaranteed to fill your home with joyous melodies.

Example: “Sing your favorite holiday song with all the passion and enthusiasm you can muster.”

10. Holiday Memory Game

Test your memory skills with a holiday-themed memory game. Place a variety of holiday-related items on a tray and give players a few moments to study them. Then, cover the tray and see who can remember the most items. This game is an excellent way to challenge your brain while enjoying the holiday spirit.

Example: “Try to recall all the items on the tray, from ornaments to snowflakes, without peeking.”


The holiday season is a time to come together and create cherished memories. By incorporating these top 10 holiday-themed games into your celebrations, you can infuse even more joy and laughter into your festive gatherings. From acting out Christmas movies to testing your knowledge with trivia, these games offer something for everyone. So gather your loved ones, embrace the holiday spirit, and let the games begin!


1. Are these games suitable for all ages?

Yes, these games are designed to be enjoyed by both children and adults. Just make sure to choose age-appropriate tasks or adapt the rules accordingly.

2. Can I modify the games to fit a specific holiday theme?

Absolutely! Feel free to customize the games to match the specific holiday you’re celebrating, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other festive occasion.

3. How many players are required for these games?

The number of players can vary depending on the game. Some are designed for small groups, while others can accommodate larger gatherings. Choose games that suit your group size and ensure everyone can participate.

4. Can I incorporate prizes or rewards for winning these games?

Yes, adding prizes or rewards can make the games even more exciting. Consider offering small gifts or festive treats to the winners as an extra incentive.

5. Can I play these games virtually?

Absolutely! Many of these games can be adapted for virtual gatherings. Use video conferencing platforms and online tools to facilitate gameplay and create a fun virtual experience.

6. How can I make these games more challenging?

If you’re looking for an extra challenge, you can modify the rules or add time limits to certain tasks. Encourage friendly competition and push your skills to the limit.

7. Can I combine multiple games for a longer gameplay session?

Yes, you can mix and match these games to create a longer gameplay session. Combine different activities to keep the fun going and ensure everyone stays engaged.

8. Are these games suitable for a classroom setting?

Yes, these games can be adapted for classroom settings, providing an enjoyable and educational way to celebrate the holiday season with students.

9. Can I create my own holiday-themed games?

Absolutely! These games serve as inspiration, but feel free to get creative and design your own unique holiday-themed games. Let your imagination run wild!

10. Can I play these games throughout the year or only during the holiday season?

While these games are particularly popular during the holiday season, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy them throughout the year. Adapt the themes to match different occasions and keep the festive spirit alive all year round!


1. Prepare all the necessary materials and game instructions in advance to ensure a smooth gameplay experience.

2. Encourage friendly competition and create a positive, inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable participating.

3. Take plenty of photos or videos during the games to capture the joyful moments and create lasting memories.

4. Adapt the games to suit your group’s preferences and ensure everyone can actively participate.

5. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own unique twists to the games to make them even more enjoyable.

Remember, the holiday season is all about spreading joy and creating memorable experiences. With these top 10 holiday-themed games, you’re sure to make this year’s celebrations truly special. So gather your loved ones, embrace the festive spirit, and let the games begin!

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